About PetServ

We are pet owners and service providers ourselves. In searching for pet services, we found that more and more pet services were becoming more like Uber. You search for a provider on the internet, then you hire them.

Wait, what?

You hand over to this person (that you’ve never met or heard of) your dog or cat? You give them a key to your house? Upon further investigation, we found many online services do not screen their referrals and provide fake reviews for pet sitters, dog trainers, dog day care, boarding, fencing, grooming, holistic care
and other pet services.

Having operated a dog walking service, we found that pet owners want to vet (no pun intended) not only who handles their pet, but also who gets a key to their house. Some pet providers may need access to your home, so it must be someone trusted. The pet owners we dealt with always wanted to have a preliminary meeting to get to know us, for us to meet their pet, and to see if it all was a good fit. This is where PetServ comes in! We provide not only a directory of pet service providers in your area, but an easy to use system for you to submit your request, and then wait for the offers to come to you. You won’t be bombarded, though, we limit each area (divided by counties) to only 6 providers for each category.

A Trusted Source

All of our pet service providers are background-checked and interviewed by us before they even pay us to be listed. We won’t just sign up anyone to be on our service and have access to you. Not only that but we have a phone number. You can call us anytime at 240-435-2200, or go to our contact us page and shoot us an email. We’ll get back to you ASAP. Enjoy PetServ!