Why Doggie Daycare? Why not! In today’s busy world we are often too busy to give our canine companions the stimulation and attention that they need and deserve. Dogs are naturally social creatures. They crave the interaction of the other dogs in their “pack”.

Many times dogs that are left alone all day may become destructive and resentful of their human companions. They may chew up furniture, soil in the house, and dig holes in the yard, run away from home, or even become aggressive and / or depressed. Doggie Daycare can be just the right answer to these problems.

Dogs arrive at doggie daycare as their parents leave for work or school. They are greeted by their playgroup friends and are rotated between indoor and outdoor play areas throughout the day. They are given the opportunity to enjoy a ball toss, a game of “tug-of-war”, a frisbee throw, or a nice refreshing wade in the baby pool (weather permitting). They may also have lunch and/or nap time, as requested by their parents.

Older dogs can also benefit from daycare. Since many older dogs have become accustomed to being alone all day and are not destructive, pet owners may not realize that they are not getting enough exercise, or mental and emotional stimulation. A slow short walk 2 to 3 times a day can be a great way to keep joints loose, and appetites healthy. Also if an older dog is healthy but starting to become incontinent, leaving him/her alone in the house all day can be frustrating to the pet as well as the owner.

These are just a few of the many reasons that allow pet owners to return at the end of a long hard day to a happy pet that is tired, hungry and ready to go home.

Source: Maryland Pet Gazette