The ease of getting pet services over the internet is quite enticing to people on the go. But would you give the keys to your house to a total stranger? Most online pet service providers to not background check who represents them. They just want people who are willing to do the work and get paid through the providers’ systems. Some require insurance, but insurance is inexpensive and anyone can get it, with no verification at all.

The fallout is that sometimes bad things happen. And when bad things happen, they are irreversible. Aside from harm to your pets, you will also encounter those who use the name and branding of the online service provider, only to find that they have you pay them directly, at a discount. Follow the money. The person you hired gets paid directly, at a discount that is still more than the service pays them. You save money, they make money. Your pet is who is left in hanging in the balance in the care of a dishonest person.

We know this because this is how our service, PetServ started. The service was started to fill a need for an online pet service provider directory that was fraud-proof. We limit the risk of danger by doing personal background checks of anyone who wants to sign up. Before we even take their money, we find out who they are. Then, once on board, we merely refer them. You pay them directly, whatever your agreed upon rate.

Don’t hire strangers off the internet to care for your pets and risk everything. Get all risk removed, or minimized so you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands. There are a lot of capable, credible pet service providers out there, and our mission is to bring them to you.